The Pole System +Freight

The Pole System +Freight SELSTP
Songbird Essentials Lonestar Purple Martin The Pole System. 16 1/2 foot pole is constructed from galvanized steel that's electroplated with zinc. Two inch square stock pole comes in 3 Inter-locking 6 foot long sections. Connectors are made from 10 gauge steel for added support and 30 inch ground socket can be secured into the ground with cement prior to mounting your pole. System includes pole, cable, winch, ground socket and all pole mounting hardware. Additional freight required to Brick and Mortar stores.
$ 565.95

Additional Product Details

  • Product Weight: 46.00 .lbs
  • Dimensions: 5.00(D) x 7.00(W) x 77.00(H)
  • Product UPC: No UPC

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