Alamo House with Round Doors +Freight

Alamo House with Round Doors +Freight SELSD14R
Songbird Essentials Lonestar Purple Martin Alamo House with Round Doors. Lone Star martin housing is state of the art and top of the line. Houses are made of heavy gauge, white, heat reflective riveted aluminum and the attics are fully insulated for additional protection. Rooms are large 6 inch x 6 inch x 12 inch with offset front porches which help reduce male martin domination behavior. This house contains 2 Four Room Panels (28 inch height x 37 inch width and 37 inch length) and 2 Three Room Panels (22 inch height x 37 inch width and 37 inch length). Add a matching pole to complete this system. Heavy duty 2 inch square zinc electroplated pole is designed to fit through your Lone Star house and comes with a ground socket, zinc electroplated winch (prevents rust) and steel cable. Ratchet style winch allows for easy raising and lowering of your Lone Star house. Pole not included see ite SELSTP. Material is aluminum and stainless steel. Additional freight required to Brick and Mortar stores.
$ 809.98

Additional Product Details

  • Product Weight: 29.70 .lbs
  • Dimensions: 0.00(D) x 0.00(W) x 0.00(H)
  • Product UPC: No UPC

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