Dr JBs 16 oz Clean Feeder All Red

Said to be the BEST Hummingbird Feeder EVER!! Introducing the new solution for cleaner feeders. Finally you can easily clean the inside of a hummingbird feeder! Wide mouth jar design allows for no mess filling and easy cleaning! Hand wash with warm soapy water and always follow up by rinsing parts with a mild bleach and water solution before re-filling with sugar and water. Unique 2 piece base. Innovative flow-control design. High-quality removable parts. Bee resistant inner base. No drip design even in high winds! Replacement petals available in yellow and red.

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Additional Product Details
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UPC # 645194060029
Manufacturer Songbird Essentials
Model / Item Number SE6002
Case Quantity 1 (case quantity not required)
Country of Origin USA
Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions 9.50 (D) x 9.50 (W) x 10.50 (H) inches
Dimensions (Metric) 241.3 (D) x 241.3 (W) x 266.7 (H) millimeters
Categories Hummingbird Feeders
Tags Made In USA, Red, Hummingbird