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Special Songbird 40 lb

Product Model: SESEED107GC

Premium Blend Bird Seed and Fruit. Essential Seeds for Optimum Songbird Attraction and Health. Attracts Cardinals, Finch, Chickadees, Woodpeckers, Titmice, and Tanagers. Ingredients include Black Oil Sunflower, SunflowerMeats, and Peanut Pieces. Also available in a 5 lb and 20 lb bag. Order SE Seed and combine with purchase of any SE/GE product for an order total of $300+ and pay freight on seed only. Freight costs will be added to all seed purchases. As with all commodities, the price fluctuates daily. Our goal is to only update prices when necessary, a maximum of once a month. Seed purchases are preferred to be set up on an ACH basis providing a 3% discount to our customers. ACH pulls will take place when seed orders ship and the customer will be notified with a BOL for tracking purposes. Credit cards can be used for seed purchases, however the 3% ACH discount will not be applied. For more questions and or more information, please call 888-985-2473 or email