Songbird Essentials :: Bringing Birds to Your Backyard
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Cannonball Memo Pad


Cannonball Magnet


2-D Magnet Who, Me?


2-D Magnets You Want What? When?


2-D Magnet I Don't Do Mornings!


Nosey Junco 15 oz Mug


Potholder and Oven Mitt Set Mad Bluebird


Doormat Mad Bluebird


Owl House Ornament


Bluebird Table Piece


Flying Cardinal Ornament


Downy Ornament


Kingfisher Ornament


Wren Ornament


Downy Table Piece


Pelican Table Piece


Wren Table Piece


Snowy Owl Ornament


Snowy Owl Table Piece


Chickadee with Holly Ornament


Bluebird with Holly Ornament


Cardinal Table Piece


Heron Table Piece


Hummingbird and Nest Ornament


Heron and Grass Ornament


Sandpiper Ornament


Lifesize Chickadee Ornament


Robin Ornament


Cardinal Pair Ornament


Eagle Ornament


Screech Owl Ornament


Ruby Crowned Kinglet Ornament


Golden Crowned Kinglet Ornament


Mallard Decoy Ornament


Hen Decoy Ornament


OUT FOR SEASON Cardinal Candle Holder


Chickadee Garden Bird Stick


Goldfinch Garden Bird Stick


Bluebird Garden Bird Stick


Female Cardinal Garden Bird Stick


Hummingbird Garden Bird Stick


Flying Cardinal Garden Bird Stick


Cardinal Pin


Chickadee Pin


Gold Finch Pin


Bluebird Pin


Cardinal Ornament


Chickadee Ornament


Gold Finch Ornament


Bluebird Ornament


Tufted Titmouse Ornament


Oriole Ornament


Blue Jay Ornament


Loon with Chick Table Piece


Lady Cardinal Ornament


Hummingbird Ornament


Baby Chickadee Ornament


Loon Ornament


Cardinal Table Piece


Gold Finch Table Piece


Chickadee Table Piece


Baby Bluebird Ornament


Eagle Table Piece


Heron Pin


Pelican Pin


Owl Table Piece


Chickadee Pine Cone Ornament


Pintail Decoy Ornament


OUT FOR THE SEASON Woodduck Decoy Ornament


Nuthatch Ornament


Chickadee Table Piece


Chickadee House Ornament


Bluebird House Ornament


Osprey Ornament


Cardinal Magnet


Chickadee Magnet


Goldfinch Magnet


Bluebird Magnet


Loon Magnet


OUT FOR SEASON Nuthatch Magnet


Woodpecker Magnet


Wren Magnet


Bluebird Bamboo Windchime


Cardinal Bamboo Windchime


Goldfinch Bamboo Windchime


Hummingbird Bamboo Windchime


Robin Bamboo Windchime


Woodpecker Bamboo Windchime


Wren Bamboo Windchime


Blue Jay Bamboo Windchime


Orange Tabby Yogi Cat Bamboo Windchime


Flying Mallard Duck Bamboo Windchime


Yogi Frog Bamboo Windchime


Ladybug Bamboo Windchime


Squirrel Bamboo Windchime


Trout Bamboo Windchime


Buddha Bamboo Windchime


Blue Jay Driftwood Sculpture


Buddha Driftwood Sculpture


Cardinal Driftwood Sculpture


Leaping Black & White Cat Driftwood Sculpture


Mallard Duck Driftwood Sculpture


Leaping Frog Driftwood Sculpture


Hummingbird Driftwood Sculpture


Ladybug Driftwood Sculpture


Squirrel Driftwood Sculpture


Trout Driftwood Sculpture


Round Straw Hut Bamboo Windchime


Square Straw Bamboo Windchime


Garlic Salad Server Set


Salad Server Deluxe Carrot


Salad Server Deluxe Radish


Asparagus Salad Server Set


Black Lab Head Salad Server Set


Yellow Lab Head Salad Server Set


Salad Server Flamingo


Black & White Chicken Salad Server Set


Country Chicken Salad Server Set


Ornament Punched Metal Bell


OUT FOR THE SEASON Ornament Punched Metal Dove


Ornament Punched Metal Fish


Ornament Punched Metal Flower


Ornament Punched Metal Star


Fish Punched Metal and Bead Ornament


Tree Punched Metal and Bead Ornament


Bell Punched Metal Garland


Dove Punched Metal Garland


Fish Punched Metal Garland


Flower Punched Metal Garland


Star Punched Metal Garland


Bamboo Chime Loony Bird


Salad Server Pineapple Antique