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  • Candy Cane Lane Bird House SE1001
    Cardinal SEFWC100
    Chickadee Ornament SEFWC101
    Chickadee Ornament
    Gold Finch Ornament SEFWC102
    Gold Finch Ornament
    Bluebird Ornament SEFWC103
    Bluebird Ornament
    Tufted Titmouse Ornament SEFWC104
    Oriole Ornament SEFWC105
    Oriole Ornament
    Blue Jay Ornament SEFWC106
    Blue Jay Ornament
    Lady Cardinal Ornament SEFWC108
    Lady Cardinal Ornament
    Hummingbird Ornament SEFWC109
    Hummingbird Ornament
    Baby Chickadee Ornament SEFWC112
    Baby Chickadee Ornament
    Loon Ornament SEFWC113
    Loon Ornament
    Nuthatch Ornament SEFWC116
    Nuthatch Ornament
    Baby Bluebird Ornament SEFWC121
    Baby Bluebird Ornament
    Flying Cardinal Ornament SEFWC126
    Flying Cardinal Ornament
    Downy Ornament SEFWC127
    Downy Ornament
    Kingfisher Ornament SEFWC129
    Kingfisher Ornament
    Wren Ornament SEFWC130
    Wren Ornament
    Snowy Owl Ornament SEFWC134A
    Snowy Owl Ornament
    Chickadee with Holly Ornament SEFWC136
    Bluebird with Holly Ornament SEFWC138
    Hummingbird and Nest Ornament SEFWC145
    Sandpiper Ornament SEFWC147
    Sandpiper Ornament
    Lifesize Chickadee Ornament SEFWC148
    Chickadee Pine Cone Ornament SEFWC150
    Robin Ornament SEFWC151
    Robin Ornament
    Cardinal Pair Ornament SEFWC158
    Cardinal Pair Ornament
    Eagle Ornament SEFWC159
    Eagle Ornament
    Screech Owl Ornament SEFWC161
    Screech Owl Ornament
    Ruby Crowned Kinglet Ornament SEFWC163
    Mallard Decoy Ornament SEFWC165
    Mallard Decoy Ornament
    Pintail Decoy Ornament SEFWC167
    Pintail Decoy Ornament
    Woodduck Decoy Ornament SEFWC168
    Woodduck Decoy Ornament
    Owl House Ornament SEFWC176
    Owl House Ornament
    Chickadee House Ornament SEFWC177
    BlueBird House Ornament SEFWC178
    BlueBird House Ornament
    Purple Martin Ornament SEFWC179
    Purple Martin Ornament
    Osprey Ornament SEFWC180
    Osprey Ornament
    Soaring Eagle Ornament SEFWC181
    Soaring Eagle Ornament